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Charter Yachts

There is a charter market for all yachts large and small. Some of these markets are larger than others; some of these markets are more readily affected by the economy than others; whatever the situation, your yacht will be classified by number of staterooms or guests she will accommodate. The most desirable yacht in your class will be the one that is the best equipped, and maintained.

People & Crew

A well thought of crew is essential. The best crews cost more and they are worth it. Not only will they do a better job of protecting your investment, they can actually make you money by bringing their clients to your yacht. A young enthusiastic crew is fine as long as they are given plenty of opportunity to meet and demonstrate their abilities to the brokers. A part time or pick-up crew is a recipe for failure.


Location, location, location. The popularity of destinations around the world is seasonal and constantly changing. the most successful yachts know what is hot and they are there.


The smaller the yacht the more important it is to be competitively priced. As the yachts get larger and fancier, opulence may become a higher priority than cost, however all other things being equal the less expensive contract will get the charter; all else being equal, the broker will recommend the yacht with the most user friendly contract.


Here is the scenario: Mr. and Mrs client have decided to take family and friends on the vacation of their dreams. They contact a broker (or brokers) for suggestions. Parameters are established; the broker(s) sends the clients a selection of brochures of yachts that meet the criteria.. With a foot of snow on the stoop and several brochures sitting on the table for consideration, they pick up your brochure and open it up to a scene of sun drenched paradise - with a collective gasp they say in unison “that's where I want to be right now!” - you win.

(It is really neat is when more than one broker sends them your brochure).

Five Steps To Having A Successful Charter Yacht
  1. Product (a successful yacht must be clean, well equipped and available at the drop of a hat)
  2. People (good crew is essential)
  3. Place (location, location, location)
  4. Price (competivly priced with a standard or no nonsense contract)
  5. Promotion (you get one chance to make a first impression - a good brochure is a must)
It’S Not About The Yacht, It Is About The Operation!

If you place a (1) good yacht (properly equipped, clean and well maintained), with a popular (2) crew, in a desirable (3) location; make her available at a competitive (4) price, and give the brokers (5) good marketing materials, you will be successful. Do less and you will receive less.

For every charter situation there is one operation that is superior to all others - this operation will be reccomended - every time!

If you are getting beat by the other yachts it is because they have a better operation. With over 25 years experience, we understand the yacht sales and charter business, we know what the brokers want, what your potential clients will respond to and how to show off your yacht in her best light. Whatever the scope of your project, our family operated “one stop shop” is the smartest, most convenient, and cost effective solution a successful marketing program. Did I mention the fast turn-around times? This is our only business and it gets our full attention.